As a farmer this life can be one of the most interesting lives any of us could live. What do farmers really do on their farms? A lot of things come to call on a typical farm. This life can also be the most difficult path taken. A dream of a simpler life in the country, living off the land some may say. Let’s dive on in and have a look of a day in the life on the farm.

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All farms are different in how they operate on a daily basis. Some may grow crops only, while others run livestock only. Some may operate with crops and livestock. A farmer raises living organisms and animals commonly for food. Diversified farming systems are a set of methods and tools developed to produce food sustainability. This is achieved by leveraging ecological diversity in the soil and landscape of the land. Farmers play one of the most important roles in a society for they grow and prepare the food we eat on a daily basis.

The Soil: Abstract

There is a multitude of life forms on our planet. This is especially true under our boots. Earthworms, spiders and millipedes are only a few examples of the vast number of soil organisms. Farmers look at what lives in soil, the biodiversity of shapes and colors are endless. If we take the time to compare traits such as color, size, shape and numbers these characteristics will help us understand the organisms in the ecosystem. Farming using science can unlock different rolls of organisms in our soils and help restore degraded land.

The Farmers Way

A farmers lifestyle is busy and chaotic at times. The honey do list becomes even longer as the farm tasks must be completed everyday. This is of course going off the cooperation of mother nature not throwing a wrench in your routine. On the farm anything is possible. Animals might have became escape artists over night or a wind storm could knock out your only resource for watering your cattle. Regardless, chores consist of checking on animals and their well being on a daily basis. One must make sure the animals have access to fresh water and clean grass. While there is no single template for the farmers way, a focus on diversity is the key for productivity.

Learn The Meaning Of Hard Work

Unfortunately everyone is not cut out for a farm life. Living on a farm allows a family to grow and spend more time with one another. To work towards and share the same goals allows a level of unity that cannot be achieved in the hustle of the big city life. Connecting with animals and nature is by far the biggest charms of the farmer’s life. When people live on a farm they begin to discover the real meaning of hard work and dedication. Farm life is not for the faint of heart. It takes getting your hands dirty and courage to stand for new ways of farming without chemicals. Conventional farming has been what most are taught to farm. Regenerative farming focuses on topsoil regeneration, increasing biodiversity and strengthening the health and vitality of farm soil.

Living Off The Land

Each season brings new life to the farm. Perhaps one of the best things about farm life is growing your own food. When you can step out your backdoor and watch your food from start to finish, there is no better way to eat. Living off the land and making money are valuable assets for farmers. Knowing that you are taking care of the animals and the soil health for the end result to be a chemical free, farm fresh product is the biggest accomplishment for any regenerative farmer.


Farmers work hard for a living, many would say they would not give up their farm for a chance to live in the city. There is something magical about living on a farm and enjoying a true connection with mother nature. Thank your famers! Support your farmers by purchasing products produced off a small farm. Buy local and support small family farm businesses.

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