About US

Welcome to VanLeeuwen Family Farm! Located in Kansas! We are a first-generation family-owned farm that is committed to practicing regenerative ranch management. We are passionate about finding the best practices to ensure the farm is sustainable for the current and future generations. We provide our customers with high-quality beef, result-oriented farm management tips and western apparels.

Tim VanLeeuwen: Founder, Farmer, YouTuber

Together with my wife Heather and two boys we own and manage 96 Acres with regenerative farming methods. We did not inherit the land. Each day we get up and work hard to pay for everything. I have a day job as an Aircraft mechanic in the city that is the main source of income and our means to pay for the farm. I hope to someday be able to focus all my attention and time solely on the farm.

At VanLeeuwen Family Farm, We are trying to work with nature not against It. We come together as a Family of four to create and make Educational, Inspirational and sometimes funny videos for all of our Followers. As we learn and develop our farm we Invite you to be part of our Journey.

Heather VanLeeuwen: Founder, Farmer, Director of Sales

Family is everything to us. We work side by side with our boys managing the entire operation. Those that know me will tell you I was born SASSY, my circle is small and close knit. I love to spend quality time with my loved ones. I hope to inspire you all to be the real you, show up and work hard everyday!

At VanLeeuwen Family Farm, quality is bred In everything we do. The Farm is Free of Chemicals/Herbicides. Our Country Apparels are Fun, Sassy and always Classy. We are committed to being guided by our experience. We will lead in the industry’s trends to provide the best customer service.

Meet the team

Jason VanLeeuwen

Farmer, Gardener

Noah VanLeeuwen

Farmer, Cattle Management